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Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Another Monday?

I woke up this morning at my normal time and began to get ready. I was not feeling really well, but I went ahead and got dressed. By the time that I was dressed, I was completely exhausted and sore. I asked Abbey if she thought I should stay home or go to work until I could get a doctor's appointment.

In her half conscious state, Abbey gave me a non-answer of "What do you think?" I could hardly hold myself up, so I decided to get ready for bed again and go back to sleep.

I called my doctor first thing this morning and got an appointment for midday. I eventually made it upstairs to lay down on the sofa, so at least I could be near my family. I slept a little while Reed played and then also took a nap. Abbey worked on Reed's closet attempting to organize his clothes.

I went to the doctor and she told me that I had strep throat after doing some tests. I was freezing because I had fever and she was a little scared to let me drive home. I assured her that I would be alright. I finally made it home and went straight to bed. It was restful sleep. Abbey and Reed went to Wal-Mart and the drug store to get my prescriptions.

When they came home, I had a little bit of supper. I was glad to finally get to see my family, but I didn't like that I couldn't touch them. It was really hard tonight to not be able to give Reed his bath and bottle. That is my cherished time of the day with my son.

The above and following pictures are an example of what happens when you have two parents who loves clothes.

Abbey discovered many clothes today that we had forgotten that Reed had. I think that Reed is set in the clothing department. I am glad that Abbey was able to get everything out. Hopefully, I will start feeling better soon so that I can help her. Reed is going to his first day of Mother's Day Out tomorrow. I think that he will have fun!
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