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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Miss Candace turns 30!

This is one of our new buys from Gymboree yesterday. It's hard to see, but you can try to see how SPIKY his hair was today. The new gel does as promised and keeps the hair stickin' straight up!

The sweater had a few stains on it by the time that we came home from church, so we had to take it off and let Spray'n Wash do its magic.

We didn't go to church tonight because Miss Candace was celebrating her 30th birthday at a local skating rink. Of course, we had to go.

Reed thought that the skating rink was incredible! He was thrilled with all of the lights and the loud music.

I was able to take Reed on several trips around the skating floor before the DJ kindly reminded parents that for the safety of the little ones, please do not skate around with babies. He might as well have said, "Hey Dude with the kid, get off the floor," because I was the only one out there with a baby. I was being very safe and I am a really good skater, so I was not really that worried.

Reed loved watching the people skate around the rink. He was so into the moving lights, it was hilarious.

This morning, the Sunday School kids made a huge sign for Miss Candace. We even practiced saying, "Man your old!' for when Miss Candace came into Sunday School. One of the girls went out of the room and came in pretending to be Miss Candace so that when she came in we would be ready. It was a lot fun.

Miss Candace had a great 30th birthday party. It was a lot fun.

A bunch of people from my work were there at the party. Reed had a lot of fun with Mrs. Shirley. Of course, she completely won his heart when she got him a balloon. As you can see, he was all smiles tonight at the party.

Do we make a handsome family or what?

Happy Birthday Miss Candace! We hope that you have many, many more!
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