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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here's Aunt Ava!

Aunt Ava got to come here today! Unfortunately, Lola had to go home. Pop Rox was missing her. We were glad that Aunt Ava got to come and help us out. She is going to be helping Abbey get ready for Reed's birthday this weekend. Abbey is so excited that her favorite sister is here for a visit.

Does anyone besides me think that the fact that Reed is attached to a soccer ball is really odd? Maybe you should know that the only athletic bone in my body is broken. To give you a hint of my athletic knowledge, I will let you in on a conversation I had Sunday with one of the boys in my Sunday School class.

Andrew: Hey Jeffry. (I hate it when people call me that!)

Jeff: Hey Andy! (He hates it when I call him that!)

Andrew: Are you going to watch the Super Bowl tonight?

Jeff: Yes, I think so. (The only reason that I knew it was the Super Bowl was because I knew we were going over to Drew and Erin's that night.)

Andrew: Who do you hope wins?

Jeff: Who is playing?

Enough typed? I thought so.

"I love this ball!"

He is finally starting to understand that the balls will shoot out of this thing if you put them in it.

Reed is really missing his Mama. He kept going to the window to look out tonight. I am sure that he will be thrilled that she will be home tomorrow morning!

Reed was more understanding when I told him that Mama was gone because she was writing to earn extra money so that we could bring his sister home from Taiwan. We are working hard to get our homestudy ready.

This smile gets me every time. I still can't believe that he's our baby boy.

My aunt and Reed's great-aunt Jean asked us for a video, so here you have: "Reed Walking."

Please continue to pray for the people at Union University in Jackson. They suffered much devastation last night from the tornadoes. I have a lot of coworkers whose children were affected by the storms.
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