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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reed Meets Ms. Lauren

We finally got some of the white stuff this morning. We knew that it was going to be icy this morning when we woke up because of the ice that was falling last night. I decided to wait until daylight to leave to go to work. I usually get to work when it is still dark outside.

When I woke up, it actually didn't seem that bad. However, by the time I got out of the shower, the snow was falling heavily and the roads were covered!

Reed was quite happy with the powdery snow. He enjoyed looking out the window to see it.

Standing on our porch for about 15 seconds was about as close as Reed physically got to the snow. Because the wind was blowing a bit, it got in his hair which Reed thought was funny.

Reed actually used his sippy cup today. He didn't fight taking his morning milk from it. I was really glad when I uploaded these pictures and saw that Reed was actually using it because he has not shown a lot of interest as of yet.

Mommy was busy making some goodies for Valentine's Day for my coworkers and Reed was contentedly playing with things in his high chair. He started getting sleepy which is really funny. Reed will get sleepy and do everything known to man to try to keep himself awake. He also tries to play it cool like, "I'm not really sleepy."

Eventually, though, he was ready to get out of the high chair.

At that point, he decided that it would be fun to play on the floor in the kitchen. In the photo above he had made his way all the way to the back corner of the kitchen behind table and chairs.

He can wiggle his way into any spot he wants to get to.

After I got home, we headed to the mall where we met up with Ms. Lauren. Lauren and I were in the School of Social Work together at Mississippi College, and later we ended up at Seminary together. Lauren is also an AVID blog follower. We were trying to tell her things about Reed and about what we had done, but she already knew because she reads the blog so faithfully.

It was good to see Lauren and we are glad that we were able to get together on her visit to Nashville.
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