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Sunday, May 04, 2008

You Be The Judge!

Reed was superbly cute in his linen overalls today for church. There was only one problem. We're not really sure, which side is the front side.

I originally put them on him in the direction that they were facing in the first picture. Then, I realized that the tag was on the front side that way, so I decided to turn them around where the above view was at the front. That didn't look exactly right either.

When I brought him to the family room, Abbey questioned whether I had it on right, so we decided to turn the overalls around ... Again!

So, we have a couple of scenarios and we would like to know your opinion.

a.) The side that he wore it on all day is the right side.
b.) The other side is the right side.
c.) When you button the buttons at the higher level, they make the overalls shorts, so the backside becomes the front side and when they are long, the side that he wore today is the right side.
d.) We're clueless.

If you are wondering why we just didn't look at the way they were being displayed at the store, we couldn't because I bought them on consignment.
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