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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Happiest Bath Ever!

Before we get to all of the happy pictures, I must ask, is it normal to have a 15 month old who knows how to climb out of the tub? I mean, look at his leg all hiked up on the side of the tub!

Today was a really long day for Reed. He did not really want to cooperate with his Mama. I think it was a day full of time-out and sitting in the corner.

He has started throwing things too much! It's hard because he has a couple of balls that we throw around, but he thinks he can throw everything. I guess you know, that's out of the question in our house!

After church, we went to Kroger and then home for a bath, where all of a sudden, Reed found his happy spot! He had a great time in the bath!

He laughed and played and laughed some more. He has also become very vocal lately about his family. He says a series of "Dada," then moves on to "Mama," and then "Baby." I guess he is happy with the current family composition.

On another note, I was so stoked today to discover an untouched piece of CVS real estate. It is near a college, so there aren't many college kids who are worried about getting free stuff. (Especially students from this college!)

Anyway, I bought 3 things of deoderant, 4 toothbrushes, 3 packages of allergy medicine, 1 pack of skittles, and 3 glucose monitors. I spent more than I had intended but there were some college kids practicing their harmony behind me (college kids are so annoying sometimes. I mean, they live in a dorm their parents pay for, eat food their parents pay for, go out with their parents money, and yet, they still think they have major problems -- No offense any college people reading the blog!). Man, that was off the subject!

Anyway, I ended up spending $14.47 because I wasn't able to breakdown my purchase to pay for each item with other ECBs, but because 2 of the glucose monitors had cashback rebates, I ended up qualifying for $20.00 in rebates. That means I actually made $5.53 got all of that stuff and walked out with $44.00 in ECBs!

Several of you want to know why I have bought so many Glucose monitors, well, it's pretty simple, they are always free and I usually get a rebate making them not only free, but I get ECBs and a rebate. But, I have given them all away and I have bought 7 so far!

Reed was thrilled with all of the good deals that I got. Other people have been asking what I am going to do with all of the surplus items I have. We haven't completely decided, but we're certainly going to share with anyone who needs something!

We want Reed to be a sharer!

He has started sharing kisses in a very quick fashion. We he will put his face to yours really quickly and then pull back!


I guess that's all, oh and we are really mad right now because Bravo channel is messing up and we can't watch "Top Chef!"
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