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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Great Day in Calgary!

We had an excellent day today with The Bridge International Baptist Church. It was an wonderful congregation. I took this picture from the podium this morning of the congregation. We were able to attend the adult Sunday School class which was a blessing. Abbey and I rarely (Never) attend an adult Sunday School class because we are always teaching our classes.

It was a nice refreshing time. We also had a great night's sleep last night in our room. Although we miss our baby boy terribly, we are realizing how important it is to take time out for ourselves. I hope that maybe some of you who read our blog, will also understand that you and yours need time away from the kiddos. It has been our experience that the hardest thing about finding someone to keep Reed is choosing who! We are so blessed with family and friends who just love to keep the Reedster.

I am not a preacher (although several people told me that I was a great preacher), and so I was a little troubled about how I should plan a sermon. God led me to a passage in 1 Kings this past week talking about Elijah running for his life in the desert. I chose to focus on rest and chose a few verses to help drive home the point. Imagine my amazement when our Sunday School lesson this morning used the same verse and even talked about finding rest in God. It never ceases to amaze me how God works.

At the end of the sermon, I had a picture of our family on the screen and I related to them, how I viewed our adoption experience similar to Elijah's experience in the desert. The congregation cheered when I explained that Reed's tribe was most closely linked to the Filipino bloodline, since most of the congregation is Filipino.

We had a great attendance for our conference which also included a local Chinese Baptist Church.

Here we are pictured with Pastor Johnathan and his wife Anita. They were very gracious and took us to a wonderful Italian restaurant this evening along with two of the ladies from the church, Prima and Goodwill.

We have had a great trip, but are looking forward to holding our son again.

Pray for our travels tomorrow and have a great Memorial Day! I, for one, am proud to be an American and am thankful to all of those who serve in our armed forces.
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