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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yeah, It's Saturday!

Reed was glad that it was Saturday! I was as well! It seems that last week was extremely busy.

Since we bought our house back in Noavember, there have been several things bothering us. 1. The mildew on the little bit of siding that we have, 2. The mildew on the deck was completely out of hand, and 3. The closet beneath the stairs was not enterable due to junk!

Reed and I went to Lowe's to get a pump sprayer and some mildew remover. I worked outside while Reed played with Mama and then he took a nap.

I started working on the deck and was getting NO WHERE! Luckily, our neighbor had some people over cleaning her windows and siding. I asked them if they were "for hire." He said, "Yes". So I got him to quote me a price and asked him to come on over. They did a great job! I also fixed them a goody bag of CVS items from the CVS ministry.

That's two items checked off the list. Uncle Bubba came over and helped with the third item on the list. Before he got here, we cleared everything out of the closet.

Now, I am of the belief that if you haven't used something in a period of time, you should get rid of it. Since, we put everything in the closet in November and it hadn't been used in that time (not counting all of the time that it was in a closet over at the old house), it should be gotten rid of. Unfortunately, Abbey doesn't agree!

We worked very hard to get everything out and organized.

This is the only room in our house that looks like it could be on "Clean Sweep." It has been an abomination to our house as we like to keep things pretty clean!

Now, look at the nice clean closet! All organized with everything in it's place.
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