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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Country Meets Calgary!

Well, we woke up before the roosters this morning to get ready to travel to Calgary, Alberta. It was a fairly uneventful ride to the airport, except that I got off at the wrong exit and I drive to the airport at least once a month.

Abbey read "Mistaken Identity" on the way to Calgary, but she is a speed reader and was done before we ever left DFW. That was good because I was able to work on reading it. Very interesting.

We made it through customs and got our rental car pretty easily. It's a pretty sweet Dodge Avenger with 350 miles! Then we made it to our hotel in a roundabout way and were happy to learn that we'd been upgraded to a suite!

Next, we headed to IKEA for Abbey's first trip to such store! It was incredible to see the light in Abbey's eyes. Around every corner it brightened her day like a child in a candy store. We found several must haves which we plan on purchasing when we go to Atlanta next month.

On our way to find a place to eat, we saw this sign for "Rent a wreck". The funny thing is that GOLD JEEP is exactly like my Jeep, but I don't consider it a wreck!

There are lots of these evergreen trees around here and we think they are really neat.

Our hotel has all of these "Minimenus" which we thought was a neat idea. We went looking for some of those restaurants, but well ... couldn't find them.

So ...

We ate at Chili's. We have decided that people in Canada must not eat out as much as they do in America, but restaurants are HARD TO FIND!

Here's pretty shot of the fireplace in our hotel. It's hard to believe it's in the 80s at home and there's a chance of snow here tonight.

Pray for us tomorrow. I am preaching (scary I know) and Abbey and I are both teaching conferences tomorrow afternoon.

We got to Canada and through customs with no problems. Then we got our rental car, a pretty smooth Dodge Avenger. Then we got to the hotel (in a roundabout way) and we were upgraded to a suite!
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