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Monday, May 05, 2008

Cinco De Reedo

Today was Cinco De Mayo and Reed was excited about it! He got to come to eat lunch with Daddy, Kay Kay, Miss Debbie, and Uncle Bubba. Mommy had to get some information from Mrs. Ann about a conference that she is teaching in Canada later this month.

Reed got to come to my office for a little while and see some of his friends.

Reed didn't get a good nap this afternoon, so he was really tired when I came home from work. You know that it is a real sacrifice for me to take a nap with him, but I was willing to do it for him!

Here are the CVS Deals for this week that I have gotten so far. There are a few more that I need to take advantage of, but our CVS was running low on a few of the best items.

1 Glucose Monitor - Free after coupon
3 Aquafresh Toothpastes - Free after ECBS
2 Nail Glue - Free, plus overage of $1.02 in ECBs
1 Colgate 360 Toothbrush - 1.00 off coupon plus full refund of ECBs
2 Tums Quik Packs - Free after ECBs
1 Old Spice Shaving Cream - $.99, I just needed it!
3 Traveling Dental Packs - Free after ECBs
2 Packs of Mints - $3.00 but got $2.00 in ECBs

I went with $15.00 in ECBS, with the glucose monitor and other coupons I made the total reach $55.69 before tax. I used a $10.00 off $50.00 purchase coupon and that made my final total for this price $4.69

I made another purchase of 2 toothpastes and a second package of mints which and use ECBs from the previous purchase, and ended with total of $.55

So, I walked out with $32.00 in ECBs, everything in the picture, and spent only $5.24 cash!
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