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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday With Friends

Reed decided to take an amazingly long nap today. When he finally woke up, he was a little groggy.

Then he was ready to take off running! I mean, that kid can crawl!

Reed heard the garage door open, so he had to head to the top of the stairs.

He saw someone he loves!

And so did I!

Tonight, Carah, Cate, Caleb and their parents came over for supper. We were so glad to see Danny and Michelle and get to hang out with them. It's been too long!

Carah and Cate highjacked our camera, so the above and following pictures are by them,

Carah and Cate have grown up so much! It is amazing that Cate was just a baby when we first moved here and Carah was only 3.

Reed loved to play with the big kids. It was nice for us too. We actually spent time in our living room. The kids had the run of the second floor! It was great to have adult conversation again!

Here's a view of Reed you don't get very often on the blog. Carah and Cate were so good to bring us a different perspective.

Carah and Cate were great big sisters to Reed.

We also discovered a new ministry tonight. The CVS Ministry is now open for giving. We gave several items to our guests! Now, all you have to go is come see us and you can get something too!
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