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Saturday, May 03, 2008

When Daddy's Away ...

I wike to pway, pway, pway!

After I woke up and got dressed, I pwayed in my toy woom.

Mommy took me to the park for a walk with my best friend Britton.

We also went to one of Mommy's favowit westawants, The Depot.

While we were at the park, I pwayed wiff Mrs. Tamara's water bottle.

I wike it when we go to the park.

After my nap, we went to the mall wiff Mr. Danny and Mrs. Megan. We ate a Chik-pil-a, and it was yummy. There was a carousel there.

I weally, weally wiked the carousel.

Mr. Danny took me to wide on the carousel and it was awot of fun.

Sometimes, I wike to make silly smiles and gwin for the camera.

People say I have a sweet face, do you fink I have a sweet face?

My fwiend Britton wikes to suck on his two fingers. He doesn't have a stopper like me.

I fink I get my dwamatic side fwom my Daddy.

Wast night, I was asweep in my bed, and then Mommy came to get me out because there was a weally loud siren outside. Mommy said it was a tornado warning, I said, "I'm sweepy!"

Since Daddy was in Cawiforna, I had to be the man of the house. That was fine wiff me because I got to hold the fwashwight. I don't know why Mommy wouldn't wet me use my cow fwashwight.

Um, Mommy, I'm in charge of the fwashwight. Fankfully, there wasn't much bad weather and we eventually went to seep.

While we were waiting for daddy to come home today, we pwayed in the backyard.

I love to wun and pway in my backyard.

The gwass is weally gween in our backyard.

Mommy told me a silly joke. She's so funny.

Interesting ...

I like to wook fru the hole in the fence.
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