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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Meet Grace and Water Day!

When we suffered our first miscarriage, we built-a-bear lamb in memory of our first child. We named the lamb, Grace, a name which we love but could never name our child that. You know, naming a child Grace Land would just be mean!

We hoped that one day our children would play with Grace. Recently, Reed has realized that Grace was his for the taking. He has really come to love Grace.

This morning, he took her everywhere he went.

He gave her hugs and kisses.

This morning, he was in a really happy mood. Last night, he was not in a good mood. I think that his teeth bother him at night. Tonight, we remembered to give him some pain medicine, so hopefully he will sleep comfortably tonight.

I think that his smiles are so cute. I love how toothy they are.

Reed was excited about water day at school today.

He was not excited about wearing a hat, though!

He loves to get his hand in everything!

After school and work, I mowed the yard while Reed watched. He was very interested in watching me get ready to weed-eat.

When I cranked the weed eater, Reed was mesmerized.

He got really sleepy while I was mowing, so we didn't get to go on a walk as we had planned.

Doesn't he look like he is walking confidently in this picture. "Here I am World!"

Look at his foot.
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