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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shake it Like It's 2099!!!

Reed was extremely excited when we told him that his best friend Britton was going to come over to eat supper.

Reed had a great day all around, though! First, he woke up and Mommy told him that today he was going to start going over to Miss Jennifer's on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He was really thrilled when Mommy told him that today was Thursday! Miss Jennifer is so gracious to keep Reed this summer. This will help Abbey get some writing assignments done and do some housework. Miss Jennifer is an EXCELLENT preschool teacher during the schoolyear, but we would hire her as our nanny in a heartbeat if she would let us. Well, that, and we don't have any money to do that!

After a very dramatic supper, both Reed and Britton had some loud moments, we came upstairs to let the boys play. Reed and Britton have started really like interacting well lately. One word they will need to learn is SHARE.

Reed loves to dance. Mr. Brandon LOVES the fact that Reed dances. Tonight, Reed went to his music table and made it play some music and all of a sudden he just started boogying. It was cracking us up. At first, he would dance until the music went off, then start it again. Then, he started realizing when it was about to cut off and he would make it start over, never stopping the hiney shaking.

One time, he did this big dip thing and I thought we would all fall off the couch laughing. At first it startled Reed and then we all cheered. Reed was thrilled.

We also got Reed's Easter Card out that played music and Reed had a great time with it. It was not long before we regretted bringing the card back out.

Reed must have had a great time playing with Miss Jennifer, because he was pretty zonked tonight. He took his bath and went to sleep pretty early.

I love helping him get to sleep at night. It is one of my favorite times of the day. Reed is such a blessing.

Aren't Britton's eyes beautiful?

We love Britton around here at Landlife. He is going to be a great best friend for Reed.

Have I mentioned lately that I love this kid?

Well, I haven't mentioned this, but I made a video of Reed dancing, but the video uploader is being contrary, so check back later and maybe it will be up.

Gotta go, The Office is coming on!
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