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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Super Sunny Saturday!

Reed woke up rip, roaring, and ready to play this morning at 6:30! I was so (not!) thrilled!!! But, I didn't mind playing with my baby boy!

He played and he played.

Finally, after a while we went to the Donut Palace. One of my dreams has always been "breakfast with daddy," on Saturday mornings. I was glad that I got to take Reed to get donuts today.

I didn't really think that Reed was going to like it so much, because sometimes he doesn't really like sweet food too much!

Reed enjoyed looking at the drink selection, but I reminded him that I had brought him milk from home.


Then, we came home and Mommy went to the grocery store. Mr. Danny came over to help me seal the deck, and Reed played outside in the grass. Finally, after a good while, Abbey came home and Reed played inside a laundry basket. For those of you who are counting. This is outfit two!

... And he was very cute it in it.

Abbey went to work at 2:30, and we took a nap. After the nap, we headed to the pool. After the pool we headed to Lowe's to buy some flowers for the pots on the porch. After the gardening, we headed back to the pool.

Then we headed to eat supper at the Catfish House with Mommy. It was good, and yes, this is outfit 3. Another cute one that we bought at Gymboree before Reed was even home.

I have no clue how his hair went into the part the way it did. I think it is cute though!

And NOW!!!

Introducing our new faux nephew and Reed's faux cousin, Parrish Feaster!!!! Woo -hoo! Now, we can't wait to meet him!
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