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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two Days' Recap

Yesterday, Reed decided that he wanted to play with some pony beads. Unfortunately, he didn't realize what a mess they would make. Unfortunately for us, he didn't care!

Reed has adopted this photo as his own. He likes to point to his family and say, "Bibi."

"This is MINE!"

"I love my family!"

Yesterday was beautiful, so we ate on the deck. Reed likes to eat out there. Reed has gotten really good at feeding himself. He really doesn't like it when we try to help him.

He loves green beans!

He also loves to feed Daddy!

He was telling us a really great story in this picture.

I threw this one in just in case you all had forgotten that Reed isn't perfect. He does cry, sometimes.

And really loudly!

I had to go to a meeting last night at church, so Mommy and Reed went to walk at a park with Mr. Danny and Mrs. Megan.

Today was not very eventful. Abbey had to work, so I met them at the Catfish house and Reed and I came home and played. We ate some supper and then we went outside to go for a walk. We walked all the way to Britton's new house that is being built in the subdivision next to ours. We played outside for a while after the walk and then we came in. I had to vacuum and then it was time for Reed to get ready for bed. Reed went to sleep and I cleaned the bathrooms. Then, I cut coupons. Now, it's past my bedtime, so goodnight!
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