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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day! (... and CVS Strikes Again)

For Mother's Day, Reed and I decided that we would dress the same. A few years ago, I picked up this blue and white striped suit at Target 75% off. Last year, before Reed was even home, we were at Macy's shopping with Lola and she bought Reed this Kenneth Cole suit.

So, Reed was wearing Kenneth Cole today and I was wearing Target.

No doubt, Reed was definitely the better looking of the two of us.

Reed must have had a good time in church, because when we went to pick him up, he was completely zonked!

Reed and I took Mommy to her favorite restaurant for lunch, The Depot. It was really good.

By the time that we came home, Reed had prepared himself for another nap! Of course, I was not disappointed in this, because Mommy said that Reed could take a nap with me.

A few weeks ago, while Miss Candace was keeping Reed, she helped Reed make Abbey a Mother's Day present. It is really cute. It has Reed holding three signs reading, "Happy Mother's Day!" Miss Candace is such a great friend.

Reed was ready to get his suit off, but he looked really cute in the shirt and jacket with no pants!

After the nap, it was time for Reed to play a while. After he had played for a while. I went to CVS and then to get pizza for supper.

Some of the pictures got out of order. Here's another cute one from the porch.

I helped Reed pick out Mommy's necklace for Mother's Day! We found it on Etsy. It was neat to be able to have a personalized Mother's Day gift for Abbey's first Mother's Day! We even had a charm made for Ava.

Reed showed Mommy all of the pictures that he made for her.

There's something very familiar about this picture.

MMMMMMmmmmm!!! Reed thinks that saying, "Mmmmm!" gets him more food. It's really funny.


And Now, for the CVS Deals for week of May 11, 2008

Transaction 1:

5 tubes of Colgate toothpaste ($2.99 each) - I had 4 1$/1 coupons and 1 $.75/1 coupon for a total of $4.75 off. I also got $2.00 in ECBs for each tube for a total of $10.00 in ECBs.

1 pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ($.99)

I used one $3.00 of $15.00 purchase from CVS I got off Washington and used ECBs from last week and paid a total of $1.04.

Transaction 2:

1 Schick Intuition ($9.99 each) - I had a $4.00/1 coupon and got $6.00 in ECBs.
5 packages of Hersheys Chocolates for my Chocolate Ministry at work (2/$4.00) and got $5.00 back in ECBs.

I should have used another $3.00 off $15.00 purchase but I forgot! I paid for it with ECBs and then paid a total of $1.08.

I went in with $44.00 in ECBs and came out still having $43.00. I have already seen the ad for next week and it looks to be pretty good. In fact, I already have my list ready and I am planning on using my $10.00 off $50.00 coupon!

Total Saved at CVS this year: $632.18.
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