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Thursday, May 15, 2008

'Puter Time

Is this kid ours or what? Reed loves the computer! He likes to type and now he has been working on doing some online banking lately.

"Uh oh, Daddy! It looks like we'll be eating Spam this week."

"Daddy, here's another coupon for CVS that I printed for you!"

After Reed's three-hour nap (did we mention that we love this kid?), we got ready to go to Clarksville with Mr. Danny and Mrs. Megan.

Can you guess what he was going for?

You got it, his ball!

Hey Reed, there's a monkey on your head!

Reed loved riding in the Oliver's CRV, he thought it was great to see out the front window!

He likes to relax and cross his legs!

After ice cream at Cold Stone, Reed was pretty sleepy! Look at him holding Abbey's hand.
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