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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Britton's Birthday Bash!

Britton's parents are in the process of building a new house. Thus, the life of a builder. They are living in a rental that is less than 5 stars, well, it's not even half a star, so last night they came over and worked on Britton's birthday cake and cupcakes. Actually, Tamara (her sister Megan) and Abbey worked on the decorations. Brandon fell asleep in our family room and I worked on my CVS list for tomorrow. (Yes, I realize it's becoming a little scary.)

Reed was really excited about getting to go to the park where Britton's birthday party was held. Our town has WONDERFUL parks!

This literally was the best picture of Reed, Britton, and me. If Reed was cooperating, Britton wasn't, and vice versa.

Mrs. Tamara bought a humongous bottle of our favorite bubbles! Reed loves bubbles!

Best Buds!

Notice that Reed and I have on matching shorts! I love dressing like my boy!

Reed is growing up so quickly! This week, he has pretty much weened himself off his stopper. He has never been addicted to it, but never denied it when it was given to him. The other night we couldn't find one when we were putting him to bed and since he had no issues, we just haven't looked for one since then. That was 3 days ago and he still hasn't had a stopper.

Not a great picture of me, but man isn't that a sweet little boy sitting on my shoulders!?!?

Another big boy thing that has happened this week with Reedo is that he has stopped taking his bedtime bottle. This was the only bottle left that he took, so we weren't really trying very hard to ween him from it. Actually, we did nothing to ween him from it. The other night, he started pushing it away from me, and last night he took about 1 sip. Tonight, I didn't even fix him a bottle and he went right to sleep.

This ball was a huge hit for Reed. He loves balls of any size, apparently, even when they are bigger than he is!

Finally, Reed other accomplishment for the week was learning how to drink from a straw. Every time we have tried to let him use a straw, he hasn't gotten it. Tonight, he took my drink and started using the straw.

Thank goodness for pictures, he is growing up too quickly!

The best buddies had a blast swinging at the park.

Reed loves to swing.

After the swings, Reed drove the wooden tractor for a few minutes.

Britton started getting sleepy, but everyone commented that Reed was still going strong. I knew better though! I told them that Reed was just putting up a good front. He was out well before we got home. We came in and I put Reed in his bed and I laid down in the guest room (Sad, I know, but we're trying to get Reed into a better napping schedule/habit).

Happy Mother's Day Enna and Lola! We love you!
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