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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday's Scribbles!

Hey Everybody! This is Reed. Daddy is always blogging on this thing, so I thought I would give it a whirl.

This morning, I was trying to sleep late. I love to sleep late on Sunday's, because it's kind of funny to hear my parents grumbling downstairs that the only day I sleep late is the only day that I can't!

So, around 7:00, Daddy came to get me and I was happy to see him!

After I was sufficiently awake, I took a shower and got all clean. After the shower, I went upstairs to get ready for church. I dressed in a cute little overall suit with a red gingham shirt. I bet you didn't realize that a 15-month-old knew the word gingham, now did you?

Anyway, Mommy's reaction to the outfit wasn't as good as it normally is. It was more like, "Oh, you're wearing that one!" Apparently, it wasn't mommy's favorite outfit. Luckily for her and the rest of you, I can pretty much make any outfit cute.

I went downstairs and had breakfast after I got dressed. Mommy tells Daddy that it is odd that I get dressed before breakfast on Sunday's, but apparently, this is part of "Daddy's routine!"

Another part of Sunday morning routine is a stop at this place with a sign that talks to Daddy. He always orders two sausage biscuits, a medium coke and water. The sign always repeats back the order and says, "You'll have to remind me at the window about the water." Now, I am no math genius (yet!), but aren't there three of us now? Who isn't going to get a sausage biscuit?

Unfortunately, it is me! I wish that Mommy and Daddy would realize that I would like a sausage biscuit!

I got to church and I started pretending to be clingy. I think this helps Mommy and Daddy's self-esteem. I teared up a little bit when Mommy and Daddy dropped me off for Sunday School, but it was all for show.

I started playing as soon as Mommy and Daddy walked away. After church, we went to eat at the Mexican Restaurant. It was good. We even got fried ice cream. Don't tell my Daddy, but I think that it really is just corn flakes on the ice cream.

I was pretty tired when I got home from church, but I played around for a while and then was really ready for a nap. Imagine my surprise when Daddy rocked me and put me in my crib! Aren't I supposed to take a nap with him on Sunday? Mommy kept saying something about "Reed's Routine" and Daddy took a nap on the guest bed. Speaking of guest bedrooms, how come that room is bigger than mine. Mommy and Daddy keep referring to it as Ava's room. That's not fair!

After my nap, Daddy and I went to CVS. Can anyone out there tell me if it is common for Daddy and son to go to CVS once a week? I don't really mind, because Daddy always gets a balloon for me when we walk in the door. Somehow, I never make it out the door with the balloon? Is it a conspiracy?

When we came home, it was time for supper. We were also amazed because Mommy had cleaned out the pantry and the refrigerator. I think we need to go to the grocery store now.

After supper, we came upstairs and played. I got tired really early. I kept laying down on the ground.

Here's what we bought at CVS today. Daddy said it wasn't as good of a day at CVS as he had planned for. Our CVS is going through renovations and it is limiting the amount of good stuff for free they have.

Well, I hope that you all have enjoyed hearing things from my point of view. Believe me, I like to talk alot!
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