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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Moving Again!

Apparently Reed decided that we were moving again today. He decided to pick up all of his toys and move them to a different part of the room.

He decided that he needed to move his carrot bat with the rest of the toys.

Reed loves his lego toys. Today, he was able to put them together really well. It is amazing how he is beginning to learn how to put certain things together.

Reed enjoyed playing with his toys, but he did not think that it was necessary to take a nap this afternoon. Even though I had a few reservations about this, we opted to let him get away with not taking a nap and decided to head to the grocery store.

He was fine at the grocery store, but began to show the effects of not having a nap on the way home.

We went for a walk after supper and then came upstairs to the play room, to try to stretch a few more minutes out of him. We didn't want him to go to sleep at 6:45!

He tossed between completely fussy and overtly happy the whole time, until finally, at 7:00 I took him to the shower.

He had his bottle and then went to sleep while it was still pretty light outside.

Reed is starting to grow up so quickly. It's hard to believe how quickly he is changing.

I'm glad that we have a few pictures to remind us of his baby cuteness! I'm willing to bet that he stays cute!

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