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Sunday, July 15, 2007

How Many Times Can You Watch A Burp?

Sorry, still not pictures. Still no camera chord. Jeff's in a conference right now, and I'm reading like crazy! It's great to have some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take in some new books.

Still no new on the adoption front. Others are having first rulings as soon as two weeks after their hearings. Others, like us, continue to wait. Last night Jeff and I were really having a time of it. If you haven't noticed on Reed's video yet, my mom pointed out that he burps. So, last night, Jeff kept replaying the burp over and over; we laughed and laughed.

We miss Reed so much and can't wait to bring him home. Please keep praying, friends; we need patience, peace, and just plain ol' sanity as we wait this out. Right now I'm reading Beth Moore's (can't figure out how to punctuate a book title here, sorry) Get Out of That Pit. And, I promise, I'm trying to get myself out of this pit of pity. I even dreamed about having Reed home last night. And, in case you didn't know, Reed will be 5 months old tomorrow. Happy early 5 months, Reed! We pray we get to celebrate your 6 months with you!
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