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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Flat Reed: Clean Cars

One thing is for certain, the Landlife cars needed to be cleaned! So, when I came home from work today, Flat Reed and I got to work! First he vacuumed my Jeep.

Mr. Jeff (or Hannah, Ashlyn, and Raleigh's Daddy as he is better known) let me borrown his pressure washer, so I thought that might be helpful to get some of the stuff off the car.

I was little worried about letting my flat child work the pressure washer as I have seen them do some pretty severe damage to people before, but Flat Reed was able to hold his own.

I know what you are thinking, "There is no way that Flat Reed was working this pressure washer." But, he really was. You would not believe the support that his backbone AKA "Lowe's paint stirring sticks" gives him.

Flat Reed and I began to wonder if dinosaurs really were extinct because we were pretty sure that we were washing some terradactyl poo on the hoods of our cars. That or either, there are some REALLY big birds in Tennessee.

If I haven't said it enough, I love my baby boy. He is so much like me that he also was obsessed with making sure that the wheels were nice and shiny. Flat Reed said, "Daddy, if the tires are really shiny than the car isn't really clean." I couldn't have said it better myself baby boy.

Next, we went to the Catfish House to get mommy's van so that we could wash it. Flat Reed was great at vacuuming.

Another shiny wheel!

Mommy's van is now nice and clean. It's also free of terradactyl poo!

Flat Reed is excited because Lola, Pop Rox, and Aunt Ava are coming tomorrow. Abbey is also going to come to work tomorrow and go to chapel with me. Our favorite American Idol ever, Mandisa is going to be there!
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