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Monday, July 09, 2007

Flat Reed: Fixing Breakfast for Mommy

Saturday morning, Daddy (as usual) woke up early. Sleeping late for me is when I sleep to 6:15 or so, since I wake up so early to get to work. When I got up, Flat Reed was already up and dressed. (I know those of you who realize that he hasn't changed clothes in quite some time, this was not that hard of a feat for him to accomplish.) Anyway, Flat Reed had the idea that we should fix breakfast for mommy.

Flat Reed kept a close watch on the biscuits. He didn't want them to burn. He must already realize that my cooking abilities are around nil.

Mommy is not a big bacon eater, but that is what was in the fridge, so we work on frying up some yummy bacon.

Flat Reed and I thought that we had made some wonderful scrambled eggs, but they were not like Mommy wanted them. She prefers lightly cooked eggs; Flat Reed and I prefer WELL-DONE Eggs (If you burn'em, we're happy! ;-)

All-in-all, the breakfast was a filling success. I bet that it will become a tradition for me and Reed to cook breakfast together.

We've still not gotten a new update or any information regarding our ruling. My mom and I have a birthday on Wednesday. Maybe we will get a much wanted present!
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