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Monday, July 30, 2007

Flat Reed: Sunday School Shower

Last weekend when I left for New Mexico, our Sunday School class had a shower for us. Unfortunately, even though it was a couples' shower, I was not there. Ms. Sheila, Raleigh's grandmother was able to make it though.

Jacob thought that Flat Reed was really cool!

I think that they had a blast playing with each other.

Flat Reed says that on a hot July day, you should drink plenty of water! He's a smart little guy.

Flat Reed loves Mrs. Grace. She's alot of fun! She will eventually be Reed's piano teacher.

I'm not sure what was in the card, but it must have been great. In the background you can see Mrs. Jillian holding Britton while Flat Reed looks on.

It's fuzzy, but I had to put a picture of Mr. Brandon holding Flat Reed.

Mommy was impressed by all that she got. Flat Reed was really excited as he surveyed all that he had gotten. He keeps forgetting that he is going to be framed as soon as the real boy gets here.
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