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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Flat Reed: From Ridgecrest

Good News: We have wireless internet in our hotel room.
Bad News: It must be wireless dial-up (is there even such a thing?). I believe that I have gotten 55.6 new gray hairs while waiting on different pages to load!

Good News: If we restart the computer we can check one email before the internet starts going crazy with yahoo mail.
Bad News: That means we have 58 emails in our inbox. Sorry, we aren't really opening anything unless we think it has something to do with the words "come pick up your baby."

Good News: We did have one email from Tien today.
Bad News: It was an email we had already received.

Good News: Flat Reed has really enjoyed the mountains.
Bad News: We wish real Reed was here to enjoy them.

Good News: During the conferences it is hard to think about missing Reed.
Bad News: Right now we miss him so bad we can taste it.
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