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Monday, July 02, 2007

Flat Reed: Close the Door

We went to Memphis this weekend for the IL's 30th Anniversary. On our way out the door, I was carrying our clothes so Abbey was going to get the door. Today, she dropped me off at work on our way home from Memphis and came home. When she got here, she was surprised to see that the door was not completely closed.

Our neighbor, Mr. Bracey, was out so Abbey asked him to come go in the house with her. It seems that it was not a vandal who had left our door cracked open, it was the closer. During the summer when it gets really hot, our front door sticks, so Abbey didn't get it completely pulled shut! We're glad that it stayed pulled closed though!

The aforementioned 30th anniversary celebration was a good time, but there are no pictures. Flat Reed has been very upset about pictures lately, because he has heard us mentioning a "Real Reed" a lot lately and he is not pleased. Boy, does he have a rude awakening coming, doesn't he?

Little does Flat Reed know that our plans for him when the Real Reed arrives are, well, how do you say it, a shadowbox! I'm not sure if he realizes he is going to be framed, literally, when the real little guy arrives.

Many of you have asked if we've heard anything. Our first hearing was set to take place a month ago this Friday. We have not heard a peep out of the agency since then. We're trying to be very patient and we are praying A LOT! We did hear that another family received their ruling today. (Congrats Goff family!) Their hearing was a few days after ours, so maybe we are just not going to hear about our hearing, we're just going to get the "travel" call. We don't care how we get the call, we just want to get the call!

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