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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Flat Reed: These are my cousins?

We got our newest issue of Mississippi Magazine yesterday. We really like to get this magazine because it reminds of us of our beloved homestate. We absolutely love good ole' Tennessee and are proud to call it home, but we have a very special place in our hearts for Mississippi.

Yesterday, we opened the magazine to find a feature story on Abbey's cousin Courtney and her family. The article was not about their home (which I've heard is amazing!), but about their treehouse. Some of you may recall that Abbey and I spent our honeymoon in a treehouse in North Carolina. Aside from the fact that our honeymoon accomodations had a bathroom, this treehouse is WAY, WAY better. It is incredible.

Flat Reed quickly read the article with great interest (did we tell y'all he's smart?). He was amazed by the treehouse, but became really excited when he found out that it was the treehouse of his cousins. We'll definitely have to head south to let Reed visit his family and the amazing treehouse.

A quick recap of our Fourth of July celebrations:

Abbey cleaned inside the house and I cleaned the siding outside. Then I weeded and trimmed up the flower beds. Abbey continued to clean. I took a nap. Then we headed downtown to me our friend Bill for supper at Famous Daves (yummy Ribs!). We went to see "License to Wed" (save your money! Very disappointing). Then we were going to watch the fireworks downtown, but couldn't find a good spot, so we just watched all of the fireworks on the way home!

Happy Independence Baby Boy! Next year's going to be a blast! This year we were busy missing you!
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