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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Flat Reed:Hangin' Out With Britton

We went over to Britton's new house last night for a cookout with friends from church. It was a lot of fun. Britton is still very cute, but that didn't surprise us at all.

This post could also be called "Daddy's NOT Playing Basketball, Is He?" Britton's dad had just put up a basketball goal and they were hoping to play some 3-on-3. However, of the 7 guys there, only 5 were hoping to play. That meant that 6 or 7 needed to play. I said I would play, but warned them not to expect much. I usually got to have the ball when I was throwing it into play.

Watching a "brick" or "airball." I'm not sure which one is in this picture, but I know that it is not the one goal that I made, because I immediately looked over to see if Abbey had seen me make the goal and she and Grace were deeply engrossed in coversation.

Now: Does anyone out there know how to get a miniDVD out of the drive of the Macbook. I should have known not to try it!
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