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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Flat Reed: Cleaning the Pantry

There's certainly a reason why they call it a "work at home mom" instead of "stay at home mom" these days. Abbey has done nothing but work since she has started staying home with Flat Reed. Of course, she's yet to actually "stay" home much since she has started.

Today, Flat Reed and Abbey cleaned up the pantry. Cabinets tend to get really messy in the Landlife house, so Abbey and Flat Reed decided to take care of one of the messy ones today.

They did a really great job straightening out everything. Now onto the kitchen cabinets. Once they are straight, Abbey and I are thinking about painting the cabinets an antique white with a chocolate glaze. We are going to start with the bathroom.

Coming this week: "Dinner and Watermelon, My New Glider, and Some More Stuff for by Bedroom."
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