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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Flat Reed: Dr. Daddy's Facelift

Does anyone notice anything different about Flat Reed? Yes, you're right, he does have on a different outfit. Aunt Ava (we think) bought him this cute little onesie. He looks especially radiant in this new embroidered yellow number with a blue trimmed sleeves and collar. It would be great for next year's VBS, Outrigger Island. But he's going to be too big. Maybe there will be some other baby boy (it's size 6 months) that can wear it!

But, I wasn't talking about his outfit. Can anyone else guess what is different about Flat Reed? NO! Where have you been? He's had those little blue socks on since he was born. Literally, nearly every moment that Flat Reed has existed he's had these little socks on. With the except for the brief time that his right foot fell off and he was having knee replacement surgery.

Okay, one more time! Can anyone guess what is different about Flat Reed? It's his uppermost appendage. Yes, he has a new face. After just over a month, Flat Reed has gotten his latest facelift. We were planning on taking photos of the event and submitting it as a pitch to TLC for a possible reality TV show about adoptive parents who make one-dimensional versions of their most beautiful children, but mommy said it was a little too weird. Hmm... Imagine that, me being associated with something "too weird." Man, Reed has a great life ahead of him doesn't he?
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