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Friday, July 06, 2007

Flat Reed: Whheeeee!!!!

We knew that it was only a matter of time, but it has happened. Flat Reed discovered the steps today. He had quite the fun time sliding down the steps. First Cate discovered the steps and patented a very stylish "belly slide." Recently Caden became quite familiar with our steps and enjoyed cruising down them.

Reed will no doubt have a blast sliding down the steps.

On another note, Abbey and I have done pretty well throughout this process. Usually when one of us is okay on the patience front, the other one is not so much. Well, today, we both reached a point where our patience was wearing quite thin. Several people in our group have received there rulings and they were after our hearings. There is no way to tell because it is all up to the judge.

Anyway, we know that God has it all in His timing and we know that everything will work out, but that doesn't always make it easy. We both pray about this constantly and are sure that God will watch over Reed and will add him physically to our family at just the right time. I have avoided emailing our caseworker because she is SO busy with referrals, etc. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore and I typed an email. I questioned whether I should push send or not, because I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW (to borrow words from a VBS song) that God has it under control and that our caseworker would not hold any information from us. But in the end, I decided to send it.

She responded exactly how I expected. The people who received their rulings were the exception and not the rule and there is no way to judge when it will happen. We are only 1 month away from the hearing and the average is 1-3.

A friend who writes with Abbey gave us a "while you wait for your baby" package with gifts for each month. Abbey opened July's gift today and it was a book of Scripture she made and titled "Waiting, Wondering, Worrying." Is that not from God or what. He will never let us down and He always sends just what we need right when we need it.

So, here goes, one more time ... Baby boy, we love, love, love you. From the very first moment we realized that we wanted to start our family, we loved you. When we found that our family would grow through adoption, we loved you! From the second we knew we would adopt from Taiwan, we loved you. From the very moment we saw your face, we loved you. We love you and would love nothing more than to be changing your diaper right now. We're coming, we're praying, see you soon!
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