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Monday, July 23, 2007

Flat Reed: Going to Work With Daddy

Flat Reed got to go to work with me on Friday because he was originally going to get to meet Mandisa. He didn't actually get to go down to chapel though. Anyway, he had a lot of fun getting to spend some time with Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Betty Kay.

This is Mrs. Andrea, the greatest copy editor! She helps keep our preteen products on schedule and grammatically correct. I am sure any of you who follow this blog realize that "grammatically" correct doesn't really fit well into my editor in chief title!

I am in Glorieta, New Mexico now for another round of teaching Sunday School conferences. Unfortunately, Abbey couldn't come with me. I left the camera and Flat Reed at home, so we'll see what all he does next week. Until then, I have stored up a cache of great photos from this weekend that you will be seeing this week. Tomorrow "Mia Comes for a Visit." You'll definitely want to check back because Mia has got to be one of the cutest little girls in the world!

Because I am a nerdy kind of person, I took the average wait time from first hearing to first ruling for the people who are on our Taiwan database. It "was" 47 days. Our 47 days is up tomorrow, so we are really hoping to hear something this week about possibly going to pick up that beautiful baby boy that we love so much. I said "was" 47 days because many of the people who have received referrals at the same time as us had hearings after us and have already received their hearings, so that messes up the average. We have begun to pray "Lord, help us to trust Your timing. We know that we are not missing anything in Reed's life that you want us to be a part of." I think that is a very appropriate prayer. I never realized waiting would be this hard!
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