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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Flat Reed: Ceiling Fans

Since, we've lived in our house, Flat Reed's mother has complained about two hot spots (and I'm not talking Wi-Fi). 1 is the kitchen and the other one is our bathroom. So, this past weekend, Flat Reed set out to change all of that.

He carefully climbed up the steps of the ladder to begin the light extraction process. Mr. Roy (fil), was there to supervise all of the electrical wire cutting.

Then he took the two fixtures down. The one in the masterbathroom was hard since it was only a 6 foot ladder, Flat Reed is 19 inches and the ceiling is 12 foot high vault. He must have used his go-go gadget extenders.

This photo is blurry because the ceiling fan is on. This one is in the kitchen. Now, Mommy can cook some yummy cookies for me and Reed without breaking a sweat.

He was especially proud of the one in the bathroom, because it was so high and there is no way humanly possible he could have put it up, but since Flat Reed has not been recognized by the American government as an actual human, I guess it's possible.

Only one more night here in Glorieta. I am so ready to be home with my wife and then we are collectively ready to be home with our baby boy! Come home soon baby Reed! We love you so much!
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