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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Very Reedy Video

So, we woke up this morning, happy as larks because we had received an update yesterday. We were thrilled to have additional pictures and although other families got videos, we weren't complaining. Then Reed's Nana Sprinkles emailed early this morning to say that the video was so precious and cute. We couldn't exactly figure out what she meant by that, because we didn't see a video.

It seems in all of the excitement that we did not see the file. Because the Macbook doesn't like the video files the way we get them, we wouldn't have pulled it up anyway. Abbey got the other laptop out and started pulling the video up! It is so wonderful. We were thrilled to get to see a video.

Some of you may be wondering what Flat Reed thinks about all of this commotion. He is thrilled beyond words. In fact, he hasn't said a peep since we got the updates. He is really excited right now, because he is being renovated. We are in the process of putting his updated face on him. Guess which one we are going to use?
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