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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Flat Reed: Little Cousins

We have tons to post. We are in our beloved Mississippi for a family and friends shower. The shower went really well and we got a TON, literally, a ton of stuff. We are so blessed. We have the pack-n-play, the stroller, the bouncy seat, and the car seat, and LOTS and LOTS of other stuff.

I have so much to post, but tonight you are only going to get the best part. Reed little cousins (well, that's minus baby Ella, but she's still in the process of getting out into the world. Check back in October for pictures of her!).

Here are pictures of our cousins Molly and John's little baby Brady (see Bienvenu link to the right). He is such a cute little one. He LOVED. LOVED, LOVED his cousin Flat Reed!

Look at that FACE!!

Our cousins Richard and Karen's little boy Hugh was less than enthused about getting to meet Flat Reed (see the link to their blog, oh wait, they don't have one!).

Hugh kept trying to figure out what Flat Reed was all about, but was not sure that he wanted to have anything to do with him.

BUT, when I told Hugh to pick Flat Reed's nose, he was happy to oblige! Way to go Big Cousin Hugh!!! You really are going to be a great help at teaching the real Reed the ropes around the Drake (and Covington) family!

Keep checking, we've got lots to post!
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