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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Flat Reed: American Idol Recaps

Okay, so Flat Reed was getting a little impatient with the American Idol finale` tonight. It was pretty long for a 10 second spot at the end of the show which revealed that Sparky won! Yeah! If it couldn't be Melinda, Jordin is a very worthy winner. I am sure that she will go far and she was so appreciative of her win.

"Daddy, did they really need to bring back Sanjaya?"

I agree with Flat Reed that Sanjaya was tied for the worst possible person to be on the finale`. You may be wondering why a tie?

Ta Da! No they did not bring Bette Midler on to sing off-key! I think that Sanjaya and Bette are going to be playing clubs in the future. I don't think that they are going to be big venues.

Flat Reed and I were a little perplexed by some of the talent choices. Excuse our ignorance, but who in the world is Sergeant Pepper?

Flat Reed is a little upset with his mom and I right now. We told him tonight that we were going to the American Idol Concert when it comes to Nashvegas on my birthday. He was really upset until we reminded him that Sanjaya would be there. Do you think they are going to plant his "crying fan" in the concert?

Go Jordin Go! We'll buy a CD when it comes out! We are certainly going to buy one of Melinda's. I am really hoping that Melinda will sign with a Christian label. It would be great to have another great Christian musicisian with her exposure in the secular world!

One last note: Paula, lay off the Botox. It looked like you were trying to cry, but your face wouldn't move!
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