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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Flat Reed: My First Best Friend

We got some exciting news today. Our friends, Brandon and Tamara, had their baby boy. Britton is healthy and beautiful. We were excited because that means that Britton and Reed are less than 3 months apart in age, and since they are best friends, that is really great.

Flat Reed wanted to go and see baby Britton so badly, but he couldn't read Spanish. Neither could we.

"Oh man, I guess I am not old enough!"

We made an exception for Flat Reed, so he got to go in.

Isn't he wonderful??? He is five weeks early, but still weighed more than Reed did at full term.

The happy family.

Flat Reed meets Britton.

Since we were there, Britton's nurse went ahead and checked Flat Reed out.

We have so much to post, but it is way too late. I will tell you that Flat Reed and Aunt Bitsy got to spend some time together tonight at church. You'll get to see that tomorrow.
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