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Friday, May 18, 2007

Flat Reed: Waiting for August

It seems that I find myself waiting for August pretty often. The first August I remember waiting for was in 10th Grade. It was around this week in 1996 that I was waiting to go to the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. I had dreams that it would be a life changing experience and a great time. It turns out, it was. It was my first exposure to the "secular" world outside of the smalltown bubble that I grew up in.

A couple of years later, during this same week in May of 1998, I once again found myself waiting for August. I was ready to start my freshman year of college at Mississippi College. I had grand dreams of medical school or maybe dental school. It didn't take me long to realize that God was calling me into ministry and I changed my major to Social Work.

Around this time in May of 2001, I once again found myself waiting for August. I had just graduated from College and I was excitedly awaiting my marriage to the love of my life. I had tons of ideas about how our marriage would be, many of them did not turn out the way I had envisioned. It turns out that it is much better than I could have ever imagined.

A couple of years later, in May of 2003 I was once again waiting for August. Abbey and I were moving to Texas so that we could begin our graduate studies. Abbey at Dallas Baptist University and I was enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. We were both quite excited about getting started.

Now, here we are again, near the end of May and we find ourselves once again waiting for August. Based on the timelines that most of the people who have adopted in program have had, August will probably be when we travel to go and get our baby boy. If we travel earlier, Praise the Lord, if we travel later, we have to trust His timing. Regardless, we know that in August we are going to be much closer to having our beautiful baby boy in our arms.

In case you were wondering about what all the pictures of the pendant were above. That is Reed's birthmom's gift. It is tradition to take a piece of jewelry to give her. The earrings above are Abbey's that I gave her for our Anniversary the past year. We went back to the same jeweler and asked him to make a pendant to match Abbey's earrings. We asked to have Reed's birthstone put in the middle. It also had to be yellow gold. It turned out very pretty. It also has a lot of meaning as we can show Reed Abbey's earrings and how his birthmom in Taiwan has the only piece like this that exists.

The last picture is from last night. Our friend's the Wrights, Spicklers, and Jennifer Cobb came over for burgers. They loved getting to look at our precious little baby, even if it was just on the computer.
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