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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Flat Reed: Fixin' Supper for My Best Friend Britton

Flat Reed got to help prepare supper for his best friend Britton tonight. Well, actually it was for Britton's parents, he's still not up to solid foods yet.

Don't worry, Flat Reed was being highly supervised around the grill. He is a HIGHLY flammable child.

UH OH!!! The grill ran out of gas. Good thing Flat Reed' mommy is very smart and she demanded a few months ago that we buy a grill pan at Macy's! It really came in handy tonight. Flat Reed loved the sizzling noise! It made him giggle.

The two cutest babies in Tennessee right here in one picture. Okay, well, technically Reed is still in Taiwan, but Flat Reed has exclusive rights to be a stand-in for Reed until he gets here. Man, that Britton is a sweet little guy. He has the cutest nose. I just loved getting to FINALLY hold him. I have been very patient while Britton spent his first week-and-a-half in the outside world. I think he REALLY liked me holding him.

Okay, be honest, do you think our baby has a big head? I mean, it's a good bit bigger than Britton's, but we never promised that Flat Reed was exactly true to size, did we?

Here's proof that Britton is definitely Reed's best friend. They both function very well with their mouths open!
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