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Monday, May 28, 2007

Flat Reed: Mississippi College

Last night, after we got to Poppy and Enna's, we went to take Flat Reed to our Alma Mater, Mississippi College. It was great to be back on our beloved campus. We would LOVE for the real Reed to go to school there someday and I am sure that Poppy and Enna would love for him to be so close to them.

Look closely and you can see Mommy and Flat Reed standing in front of the coliseum at MC. That is where Abbey graduated from college in December several years ago. I graduated in May on the football field. Has anyone ever worn a cap and gown in Mississippi on a football field in May? It was hot! We like the coliseum because it looks like Epcot center.

Flat Reed wanted to play in the fountain, but for some reason it wasn't working! So, he just played on it instead.

The Kugel really got Flat Reed's attention. It is this humongous heavy piece of marble etched like a globe. It is held afloat by a steady stream of water. It can spin, but we had to caution Flat Reed not to spin it too quickly! That is against the rules!

Flat Reed felt like he was on top of the world! We told Flat Reed that we would feel like we were on top of the world when we get the real Reed home!

Just inside these windows is the classroom where Abbey and I met for the very first time! We were in class together in Western Civilization. Abbey was definitely the BRIGHTEST and BEST thing about the class!

Just an aside, we didn't actually start dating until after that class was done in the Spring. Another interesting fact and quite unbelievably, ABBEY DID NOT REMEMBER ME!

Here are Flat Reed and I in front of our first home as a married couple! We lived in married student housing. It's been remodeled since we lived in it, so hopefully it is a little nicer than it was when we were there!
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