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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ask and it shall be given unto to you ...

Last night, we asked our blog fans to pray that we would receive an update soon. Well, your prayers with ours must have had a huge impact, because we got an update late this afternoon.

Reed is now 22.44 inches long and 11.89 pounds. The update papers said that he was very healthy and is developing normally.

We are so thrilled!

This is how we got the update:

We had been to the Big W to go grocery shopping. We came home and had a few minutes before having to leave for choir at church. Aunt Ava has been hounding us all day long to go and look at Sophie's blog. We sat down together and I said, "Maybe we got an update." About that time, our email popped up and indeed we had a message with pictures of our handsome little guy.

God is so great! I had trouble making it through the first song tonight in choir, as I had so much joy in my heart. And then, our fantasticly fabulous music minister prayed thanking God for our baby, so that really got me going. Thankfully, I had time to wipe the tears away before all the tenors saw it!

Thank you for your prayers. Whoever prayed today/last night, keep praying! Now we need a court date and ruling!

Can I say without sounding to bias that our little boy is one cute little guy. Couldn't you just grab him, hug him, kiss him, love him?

By the way, isn't God amazing? Today is Reed's 3rd month birthday!
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