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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Flat Reed: A Shower for Me?

We had a wonderful shower yesterday for Reed. He is really loved and you can tell by the excited faces on everyone there. Before we went to the shower, we took advantage of being in Mississippi and had lunch with one of my best friend's Amanda and her little boy Matt.

Matt was a little confused by the Flat Reed concept, but when bribed, he began cheesing.

Flat Reed was REALLY excited about the pretty cake! He thought it looked very yummy!

Cousins Molly and Karen made sure that everything was perfect! Cousin Leslie and Aunt Suzy also did a lot of work, but we didn't get them in the picture!

Flat Reed finally got to meet his Enna (my mom)! I am not sure who was more excited. She told him that he would get to come to her house on tomorrow which is not today and meet his Poppy.

Lola had fun playing "pen Flat Reed on Taiwan." I thought that was an extremely cute game!

When we went to Market a few weeks ago, Lola bought Reed a little outfit with his name on it.

Check out this wrapping paper! It's totally us.

Enna made her own version of Flat Reed and put him in a little stroller. His body was made out of different things that we had registered for. The main gift was the stroller which indicated that Enna and Poppy had gotten Reed his REAL stroller.

During the shower, I snuck away to my favorite Batesville stop, "Talk of the Town." TOT has our favorite pottery, Peter's. We have posted about Peter's several times. We needed the Peter's monkey for Reed bedroom. Mrs. Robbie knew that I would be on the prowl for it, so she woke up early on Saturday morning and went to hide all of the Peter's monkeys so that I couldn't buy one!

Enna, Flat Reed, Mrs. Glenda (my best friend Jay's mom), and me.

Abbey's normal friend Emily! She is coming to see us soon with beautiful baby boy, Caden.

Some of you may have noticed Flat Reed tag on his outfit. Many of those attending the shower are loyal blog followers, Mrs. Robbie agreed that Melinda should have one American Idol, so she made him a tag that says:

"Melinda should have won! No, I'm not bitter at all."

Coming tomorrow: Going to Poppy and Enna's work! (This will be interesting, if you didn't know it, Reed's Poppy is a mortician!)
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