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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Flat Reed: Happy Mother's Day

We had to recreate Flat Reed's mother's day experience this evening. Today was Flat Reed's first time to celebrate Mother's Day. Since that also meant that it was Abbey's first Mother's Day, that made it especially important. When Flat Reed was shopping for a Mother's Day card, he realized that most every card from "son" said something to the effect of "how great mom has been all these years." Since Flat Reed is quite talented in the math department, it didn't take him long to realize that he hadn't even been around for many years.

That didn't matter when he saw it though. There it was, right in the middle of all those pink and frilly cards in the crowded section of a the mega W-mart, the perfect card. It even had a cute little monkey on it!

Flat Reed was so excited about giving mommy her first Mother's Day present. Mommy excitedly opened the package which held a Pandora slide bracelet. It had a slide with Flat Reed's birthstone (amethyst), a cute little giraffe, a chinese symbol for love, and a little boy slide. Lola also got Abbey a moon and stars slide, the chinese symbol for happiness, and a ladybug. She was so excited about this new addition and it will be the perfect thing to add little bits to over the next while.

Flat Reed even wrote a sweet little poem in the card:

"I love you more than fried rice.
You are sweeter than Asian spice.
Being home will be so nice."

Flat Reed would like to express the following sentiments:

Happy Mother's Day Enna and Lola!

Happy Birthday Nana Sprinkles!
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