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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Flat Reed: Hide and Go Seek

Flat Reed has developed this fun new habit of playing hide-and-go-seek every time we are about to go and do something. Tonight, we were getting ready to go outside to pull weeds and water the flowers, and off he went. By the time we were back downstairs we couldn't find him.

He was quiet as a mouse and didn't make a move. Finally, after looking high and low, we found him lying flat (imagine that!) on the top shelf of the bookcase. We had to scold him for climbing on the bookcases. He should know better.

We went outside and started working on the plants. Apparently the water is gushing over our gutters and onto the plants below on the deck. That causes a lot of splashing, so while we were working on getting all of the soil off the deck, Flat Reed went into the back yard to play.

When we were done I was going to turn the water on so that I could water the plants. I got into the backyard and realized that I couldn't hear Flat Reed. I looked through the yard and finally I spotted him. Do you see him?

Apparently the breed of hostas that we have is akin to the "Goliath" line. All of our hostas are huge, but they are really pretty. We were a little worried that we had lost them this year due to the freeze.

Coming this week: Helping Daddy with the Flowers and Take Time to Spell the Callas?!?!?
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