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Monday, May 21, 2007

Flat Reed: Playing at the Park and in the Sprinkler

"Mommy, I'm not a professional babysitter, but I am pretty sure that this is not the right way to hold me."

"Mommy, what are these bird things?"

Flat Reed had a lot of fun at the park. Daddy, on the other hand, not so much! It all started with Mommy's big idea. Auntie Ava and Uncle Brookie got bikes for their birthdays which occur within a couple of weeks of each other, although they are still a week away. But anyway, we have brand new bikes to. They were bought 2 years ago, but we have never rode on them.

Abbey decided that it would be more fun to ride our bikes at our local greenway which connects the city parks. The greenway is fun, but I should have known that this was probably not a good idea. You should always test drive your bike while you are near tools. It turns out that the back tire was not tightly secured so it wobbled a good bit. I could ride it and make it not wobble so much. We rode about a mile on the greenway when the seat of the bike got to be quite uncomfortable. We turned around.

About halfway back to the car, the chain fell off and the tire would no longer cooperate. Abbey was riding my bike well ahead of me. She "claims" she was looking back and she kept seeing me. That is either a lie or she was seeing a mirage that looked very much like me.

As I walked back to the car, bike in tow, I wasn't exactly thrilled. When I was almost back to the car, apparently Abbey realized that I was no longer behind her, although she had been at the car for several minutes. She came back to find me! Anyway, there are two lessons here:

1. When she takes Reed to the park, she can't go riding bikes with him, because she sees things that aren't there.
2. NEVER ride a bike without tools!

Flat Reed really didn't care, he just liked playing with the ducks.

We worked up a sweat, so Flat Reed wanted to play in the sprinkler when we got home.

He doesn't have a pair of swim trunks yet, so I had to fashion him a pair out of one of Abbey's dishtowels.

"This is fun Daddy. Can we get a swimming pool?"

Flat Reed was quite excited when I told him that we have a swimming pool at the clubhouse in our subdivision. It opens next week and we are so ready!
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