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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Flat Reed: What's An Aunt Bitsy?

Flat Reed's Aunt Bitsy has been very excited ever since she found out about him. She's become an avid blogger and since she doubles as a coworker and fellow church member, she's going to be able to see the real Reed a lot.

I had a meeting with our VBX staff last night and Bitsy is part of the team. She said that she would be able to concentrate better if Flat Reed got ot come to church.

It looks like he's going to be a hair puller. Before our meeting, we had choir practice. Bitsy gets major LW points each week by being not only in choir, but also in praise team.

Flat Reed has never been a hair puller, but I think that Aunt Bitsy's hair was just too curly to resist.

Mr. Matt let Flat Reed play the drums while we practiced singing. This will be the only opportunity for Flat Reed to play the drums. Come to think of it, this will probably be the only place that the real Reed gets to play the drums.

At our VBX meeting, Shannon, our children's minister got to see Flat Reed for a little while too. Aunt Bitsy had to rub on Flat Reed's tummy because she said that he was a little gassy. She's such a caring Aunt.
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