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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Flat Reed: Mommy's Nap

Abbey did not feel well when she came home from school today, so she came upstairs and laid down. It was not a hard task for me to come in and take a little nap beside her. After a while though, I needed to get up, because I couldn't just sleep the whole evening away. Flat Reed decided that he would like to lay down beside Mommy to keep her some company while she took her nap.

Even Flat Reed got tired of taking a nap, so he woke up and rubbed Mommy's hair for a little while. She was very fast asleep by the time he was done. Mommy finally woke up around 7:30. By that time, I had already been out and worked in the flower beds and then cooked supper. Thanks goes out to Super Suppers.

Tomorrow is Reed's 3rd Month Birthday. We are both getting really homesick for him. We would appreciate it, if you all would pray for our patience and understanding. Also, pray that we would get a court date. We'd be happy with just an update picture.
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