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Monday, April 02, 2007

Flat Reed: Tutu, Pediatricians, and Breakables

"Is this for me Mommy?" Flat Reed was so impressed with the card that he got in the mail from Nana Sprinkles sister. They call her Tutu (pronounced Tutta, like how a baby has trouble saying sister). It was really sweet for her to think of us in that way.

Today Flat Reed went to the Pediatrician. Dr. Ashworth had to review Reed's medical records to see if there was anything that stood out, although it really wouldn't matter. He's ours, regardless. I think that we are really going to like Dr. Ashworth. She immediately latched onto the pictures of Reed and she REALLY loved Flat Reed.

Dr. Brooks will be another pediatrician that Reed will see. Dr. Ashworth had to go and show Dr. Brooks Flat Reed, and then she wanted to take a picture with him.

Most of you know that we collect Peter's Pottery and every time that we drive through Batesville we stop at "Talk of the Town" (The absolute best place to buy Peter's). So, on our recent trip to Mississippi we stopped and bought a frog and a giraffe. That matches some of the animals in Reed's room. They did not have a monkey, but they are supposed to be getting one in soon.

The other day I taught Flat Reed that touching the breakables was a "no, no." Somehow, I don't think that Reed is going to be that easy to persuade. Oh, the joys of childproofing. You always know when you have gone into a home with a small child because their is absolutely nothing waist-level or lower.
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