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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Flat Reed: Where Has All the Springtime Gone?

So, today after a really long nap, Flat Reed and I decided to go and survey the damage the cold weather has had on our yard. It's been a really tough couplw of weeks on our landscaping. I really didn't know it was possible for plants that made it through the winter completely untouched to turn brown and ugly in the Spring. Above, you can see that our boxwoods have had a really tough time. The new growth on the boxwoods is completely DEAD.

"Daddy, so these are daylilies? They don't look so lily-like to me?" Like Flat Reed, we are pretty sure our daylilies are going to be nothing more than overgrown monkey grass this year! Although for the past couple of summers I have been able to cut them back after the first bloom and they blossomed again.

Before you read about the holly bushes let me assure you that we know you should not put REAL children in holly bushes!

Flat Reed and I discovered for the first time that even Holly Bushes can be severely effected by the COLD weather.

Over the past few summers, we have had beautiful hostas in our backyard all around our deck and even it has been really hit hard. It has not been hit as hard as the rest of the plants though. I am so glad that we listened to my friend Debbie's father's advice, who said, "Don't plant until after the Spring-frost!"

Guess what? We drove to church in the snow this morning! How crazy is that?
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